4 types of gap year experiences

Not only is Asia a cheap place to travel to, but there really is an experience offered for everyone. You’ll very quickly find that no matter what your personal interests are or what you enjoy to do, there is a country suitable for you in Asia.

For example, take a country like Thailand. Thailand offers a huge range of experiences in the one country such as the big city experience in Bangkok, the beautiful pristine beaches of Phuket and the mountains in Chiang Mai. And this is just one country.

The more you travel Asia (within budget of course) the more you’ll experience of this. Below you’ll find a description of the type of holiday you can expect in different countries and where to target on your gap year.


Luckily if you’re looking for big cities, you wont be disappointed. Asia is full of cities that have some of the best energy among any cities in the world. Plus unlike other western cities these ones are super cheap to both stay in, explore and eat out.

Some of the big cities you will want to visit in Bangkok which is super cheap for travelers while still offering a lot of comforts. Other cities like Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo also have their own vibe and plenty to do, but they are significantly more expensive than other Asian cities.

You’ll also find that in Dehli you can get your moneys worth and other cities in Nepal.


Asia has some beautiful mountainside to spend your time in and of course one of the most significant is Mt Everest in Nepal and Tibet. There are more options to spend time in the mountains in Northern Thailand in places like Chiang Mai.

Beach Side

There are too many awesome beach areas in Asia for you to spend your time in. Whether you want to go to Phuket, Penang, Langkawi you’ll have an awesome time. Our personal favorite country for the beach is Malaysia simply because it’s still modern and clean with beautiful beaches, but there are loads of options all over Asia.

Rail Adventure

Asia is also a great place to spend time on a train. This is not only an option for train enthusiastic but an experience in and of itself. Overnight trains are inexpensive and they give you a taste of local life. One country where this can be particularly exciting is in India.