5 Things To Do In Bangkok

Bangkok is a city that is super easy to travel, exciting and vibrant. It’s suitable for beginner travelers and yet even the most well seasoned travelers will find something exciting to do in this huge city. There really is something for everyone.

Although Bangkok started as a small center of trade over 200 years ago, Bangkok is now a modern city full of culture and life. The temples, markets and sites all have their own unique stories to tell.

Bangkok is no secret for travelers – it’s always been one of the top visited destinations in the world. It truly is a fascinating place.What’s more, you can see Bangkok on a shoestring budget, or you can enjoy the city in the utmost luxury. It’s up to you and your budget.

Whatever you decide, you’ll need a list of places to visit in Bangkok. After all, a city is only as good as it’s tourist attractions. In this guide, you’ll find our top recommendations for 5 things to do in Bangkok to get your senses buzzing and to enjoy the full excitement of this city.

Note other lists may include other things to do and we certainly haven’t covered everything – it would be impossible for such a large city. But if you want to narrow it does to the top experiences in Bangkok, include these tourist destinations and things to do in your list!

Visit Wat Pho

If you’re looking for the most authentic Thai experience then Wat Pho is a must see. Wat Pho is where you will find the massive 46 meter long Reclining Buddha. The golden statue is incredible and definitely worth visiting when you are in Bangkok. Note you must dress respectfully to enter this sacred space.

Visit the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is one of the most visited and most famous destinations in Bangkok. This is because it is one of the more exciting and fun places to spend your time, with beautiful decoy and architectures hidden behind it’s walls.

The palace is huge and it’s impossible to cover all of it in one day, but the time you do spend there will be well spent.

Visit and Explore the Chatuchak Market

Like shopping? Bangkok is definitely the place for you – shopping is practically a religion in this city! Among the huge shopping malls and smaller intimate street vendors, there is Chatuchak Market.

This place is great for people who love shopping, with over 8000 stalls, you are sure to find something unique to bring home for your loved ones! The market is open every weekend and attracts thousands of visitors, making it an exciting place to go in Bangkok.

Visit the National Museum

The National Museum is a great place to visit as it is home to a large collection of ancient Thai artifacts. It’s a great way to learn more about this magical city. In addition to art, there are puppets, weapons and other things to keep you interested.

There’s also some nice places to enjoy a lunch nearby.

Visit the Floating Market

The floating market is an iconic destination in Bangkok, and a must visit place. You will see hundreds on vendors on the water selling various souvenirs and produce. It’s definitely one of the most unique places to visit in Bangkok.

And don’t forget a Thai massage!

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