Advice For Driving In Cambodia

Cambodia or the Kingdom of Cambodia, is one of the countries in Southeast Asia and is home to great plains and wonderful rivers. Once you’ve decided to visit this place, you’ll have no regrets, of course, if you do your research ahead of what’s in store for you in this wonderful country.

Once you arrived in Cambodia, you will need a way to stroll or jump from one area to another as smooth as possible. And this is why having a car or any vehicle to use during your stay is definitely helpful and a must for some.

You might choose to rent a car that you could drive within the boundaries of this region. But if you’re a westerner or an expat and is quite new to this place, you need to equip yourself with all the right information you could have for when you are driving in the streets of Cambodia. It could be very risky if you’re not aware of the laws and procedures you need to observe prior to driving here.

Having experienced to drive in the busy roads of this country, I give you a few pieces of advice to take with you on your next travel in Cambodia.

First on the list is to obtain a valid driver’s license in Cambodia. One important thing to consider is that the international driver’s license isn’t recognized in this country so your solution is to have your foreign license converted into a Cambodian one.

Next is to get yourself familiar and aware of the driving laws and road safety rules. You need to be alert at all times as the streets are always busy with motorbikes, cars and people. Note that the busy times are usually the mornings, lunch time and around 5pm onwards. So if you don’t feel like getting stuck in traffic, try to avoid driving at these times.

Be sure to drive slow and always take it easy. Familiarize yourself with all the roads and once you get to know them, be sure to only always pick the best and safest route for you.

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