Day Trips From Taipei

More and more tourists are heading to Taiwan to see exactly what this country has to offer. And they aren’t being disappointed!

There’s so much to see and do in Taipei alone that once you get there, it may seem crazy to leave.

But the more you read about the sites outside of Taipei, the more you’ll realize that you have to step outside the city.

There’s just so many amazing destinations you can visit in a day. From old towns and historic villages, to beautiful waterfalls and national parks, you’ll find something that interests you!

Below is our list of the top day trips you can do from Taipei and be back in the same day!


If quirky towns interest you, Jiufen is a place you must visit.

This town is positioned on the mountain offering not just fantastic views, but a condensed and quirky town for you to explore.

There plenty of places to stop for lunch, as well as tea shops and relics of the past – like the Gold Mine Museum.

A must try dish here is sweet potato and tapioca soup. It’s definitely worth the trip alone!


Taiwan has no shortage of beautiful natural settings. In fact, much of the country is covered in national park!

You don’t have to venture far from Taipei to see the best of it either. The Shifen Waterfall is a beautiful place to visit less than an hour outside of Taipei.

It’s the widest waterfall in Taiwan at over 40 meters, and you can easily fit this in with Jiufen for the ultimate day trip.

Taroko National Park

If national parks interest you Taroko National Park is a must visit.

This huge park is packed full of native flora and fauna to see, caves to explore and cliffs to take in the beautiful views. A must visit place is the Eternal Spring Shrine – one of the most picturesque places in park.

You can easily access the park by bus/train.


If you have a bit more time and long day trips don’t overwhelm you, you need to visit Alishan.

While it’s not really a day trip, you could do it in a day.

This mountainous town is south of Taipei and is more quiet than the northern spots. The town is mostly known for its tea production, however it has a beautiful scenic railway and some other points of interest.

It’s even better if you can stay the night as this town is said to have one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.