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The Best Beaches in Vietnam to Visit

Vietnam may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of the best beaches in Vietnam, but there is a good reason for this – the beaches in Vietnam are South East Asia’s best kept secret! The coastal side of Vietnam has beautiful picturesque beaches with soft sand, lagoons and tropical […]

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A Quick Guide To Penang Malaysia – One Of The Best Places To Visit In Malaysia!

Penang is a fabulous destination and one that is one of my favorites. There’s just so much to do and see. Dive Into Malaysia even lists it among the very best places to visit in Malaysia. In this article, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to make it one of yours […]

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Day Trips From Taipei

More and more tourists are heading to Taiwan to see exactly what this country has to offer. And they aren’t being disappointed! There’s so much to see and do in Taipei alone that once you get there, it may seem crazy to leave. But the more you read about the sites outside of Taipei, the […]

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Travel tips from others that have had gap year experiences

The best way to learn about a gap year is to read from people that have recently done the same. Some things can only be experienced for yourself, so don’t delay the chance for a once in a lifetime experience at having an awesome gap year. Below are some travelers that have already had some […]

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4 types of gap year experiences

Not only is Asia a cheap place to travel to, but there really is an experience offered for everyone. You’ll very quickly find that no matter what your personal interests are or what you enjoy to do, there is a country suitable for you in Asia. For example, take a country like Thailand. Thailand offers […]

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Why choosing a hostel with the best ping pong table can help you to have the ultimate gap year

There are certain things you need to consider when picking a hostel for your gap year. For most people this includes cost, location, comfort etc… but have you ever considered forms of entertainment? We spoke to one hostel that had trialed just this. Prior to taking these measures the hostels bookings were decreasing. The hostel […]

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