Why Have A Gap Year In Asia?

Simply put, Asia is the best destination in the world to spend a gap year and I can provide hundreds of reasons why I think this is true. I’ve traveled Asia extensively over the last 3 years and there’s more to it than simply being a cheap place to spend a few months, it offers experiences unlike anywhere else in the world where one country in close proximity to another offers experiences that are vastly different from the next.

Here’s the reasons why Asia is the top destination for your gap year.

It’s cheap

To start with a cliche, we all know it to be true. For westerners, Asia is a cheap. Depending on where you go your money can stretch a long way, and you can stay in luxury for a lot less than you would back home.

On the other side of the coin, you can also survive for a lot longer with a lot less money, which is something most of us probably look forward to on our gap year. It’s a time to forget about living in luxury and simply enjoy the moment, and with loads of hostels offering cheap accommodation such as in Chiang Mai, Asia is the place to do it.


Asia can offer you experiences that you are unlikely to see anywhere in western countries. I mean sure, the US has Vegas, but Thailand has Patong and that is on an entirely different level.

Some of the destinations in Asia are so wild that you simply have to see them with your own eyes to believe it.


There’s a lot to be said about history in Asia as every country has it’s own unique background that has shaped it to become what it is today.

There is no better way to learn about a countries history than to be there to witness the monuments left over from the past, to visit museums full of artifacts and to speak to the very people who witnessed some of the worlds major events.

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