The Best Beaches in Vietnam to Visit

Vietnam may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of the best beaches in Vietnam, but there is a good reason for this – the beaches in Vietnam are South East Asia’s best kept secret!

The coastal side of Vietnam has beautiful picturesque beaches with soft sand, lagoons and tropical islands. This makes the country perfect for those looking for a beach getaway. They are just waiting to be explored.

In addition there is also crystal clear water and several water sports on offer so that you can enjoy the best of these breathtaking beaches.

Below, you’ll find out list of the best beaches in Vietnam to visit on your next vacation.

Long Beach or Bai Trong

Long Beach or Bai Trong is a lively area complete with numerous bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as a beautiful long beach with breathtaking views and water sports on offer.

The setting of this beach is complete with palm trees making it an idyllic place to spend a day in the sun.

Star Beach in Phu Quoc

Another top beach in Vietnam is the Star Beach in Phu Quoc. This beach will mesmerize you with its white sand, calm water and beautiful restaurants that line the beach.

You will find some amazing places to have a meal around here, as well as plenty of equipment you can hire for snorkeling and other water sports to have some real fun in the sun. Star Beach is a tourists dream.

City Beach in Nha Trang

South of Vietnam is City Beach in Nha Trang. This is one of the most visited beaches in Vietnam, so we had to include it on our list – how could we not! There’s so much to offer tourists from the city to the surf that’s it is one of the most accessible beaches in Vietnam.

This beach also offers short boat excursions and other enjoyable activities like water sports. There are also plenty of of places to eat nearby so that you can have the best time possible with a full stomach!

Mui Ne Beach

It can be hard to find a great beach without rocks, but Mui Ne Beach offers exactly that. There are numerous water sports including kite surfing which is my favorite thing to do here. There are many places to swim making it a great beach to visit with friends of family. You can spend an entire day here and still want more!

All of these beaches make for a great escape from the busy city life that is found in Vietnam’s cities, offering you a well deserved break.

With such amazing beaches on offer, you will want to book your Vietnam trip now and enjoy these amazing beaches for yourself.

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