Weekend Destinations Around Asia

Imagining you’re in another place right now? A beach? An island? On top of a mountain?

Go ahead and savor those moments. We all love the smell of fresh air, the sea breeze brushing on our faces. Just the simple, quiet and peaceful feeling a vacation gives us. Truly amazing!

But why not make it a reality? Much better! And we give you reasons why so read on…

Whether you are a foreign traveler or an Asian native wanting to explore more of the continent where you belong, you will never run out of places to visit around Asia. May it be for some planned long weeks of vacation or just a quick day or two trips away from home, you’ll find the best vacation destinations here in Asia. Not only that it is affordable but it is equally majestic to explore some places here as well. Your time might be limited to a few days but I am telling you, your next trip to Asia for the coming weekends would be your best yet. Not a single regret on each moment and money spent. You are sure to come back for more memories and adventure. Just make sure to save up and plan well ahead.

If you are now planning on your next weekend getaway alone, or with your friends and family, be sure to check out these 5 amazing weekend destinations that you can go to when you happen to be traveling around Asia.

Palawan, Philippines

An island well-known for its magnificent beaches, protected nature and coral reefs, and fascinating mountain limestone cliffs, Palawan makes a perfect weekend destination for you and/or your family. It is also one of the most famous islands in the Philippines.

The most popular tourist attraction here in Palawan is the Puerto Princesa Underground River. Named as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature back in 2012, you’re surely in for a treat upon entering this majestic river. Aside from being covered in majority of limestone landscapes, this underground river is also known and considered to have one of the most complex cave systems there currently is.

Another wonderful attraction in Palawan is El Nido. Widely known for its white and sandy beaches, El Nido is home and paradise to many. A peaceful and clean place to relax and unwind. If you’re the adventurous type, you’re sure to enjoy the snorkeling activities and spots here. Have the awesome view of the well-protected sea creatures and coral reefs in El Nido.

Find a great three week itinerary for the Philippines here which includes visiting this great part of Asia.

Phuket, Thailand

Being the largest island in the country of Thailand, Phuket is sure to offer you a variety of attractions and reasons to be included on your list and places to visit on your next weekend getaway.

Phuket is widely known for its natural beauty. The gorgeous and inviting beaches in Patong and Kata areas are never to be missed. Make sure to visit them whether you would like to experience a party on the island with cocktails and go-go bars (Patong) or just want a calmer vacation but still has some nice and discoverable restaurants. You can taste the best Pad Thai here but on a more affordable price. Kata’s paradise also offers water adventures so better try water sports in there when you visit and only take home the best memories from your experience there. Remember to buy some local souvenirs and delicacies that you can have from the nearby market as well.

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang is one of Vietnam’s city wonders. This is also home to awesome nature and beaches. This area has a long stretch of beautiful coastline with trees and sea waters. This place offers a balance of nature and culture. With its amazing white sandy beaches, high mountains and pristine islands, Nha Trang only have the nature’s best. Its richness in history can be seen from the majestic temples, kingdoms and gothic-style churches all throughout the area.

Fly over to Nha Trang and also get to experience unique attractions such as their salt fields, ancient pagodas, historical cathedrals and oceanographic museums.

Osaka, Japan

For food lovers out there, this place sure is a haven. Osaka is Japan’s second largest city next to Tokyo. It is said to be Japan’s powerhouse when it comes to economy for the past and many centuries now. You will have a lot of reasons to book your upcoming weekend vacation here from the great, clean and highly-rated foods and dishes up to having your best choices of stores for your shopping galore. Osaka is also known to be The Nation’s Kitchen. No doubt you would only read wonderful reviews about this place especially when it comes to food.

Chengdu, China

Are you a panda lover? Head over to Chengdu on your next weekend getaway and be ready to fill your heart out with joy when you get the chance to meet some of the lovely pandas in this area. Don’t forget to bring your camera so you are sure to bring home only the wonderful memories of this encounter.